Rotterdam Souvenirs

“Welcome to our Rotterdam treasure trove! Dive into the heart of our city’s flavor with our handpicked selection of souvenirs. From savory dropjes to crisp local beers, from bubbly prosecco to fine wines, we’ve got your taste buds covered.”

Sip your coffee in style with our iconic Rotterdam-themed mugs, or serve up your favorite cheeses on our charming cutting boards. And don’t forget to tote your goodies home in our trendy tote bags, adorned with Rotterdam’s unmistakable charm.

Each item in our collection embodies the essence of Rotterdam, reflecting its bold spirit and rich culture. Whether you’re a local craving a taste of home or a visitor eager to take a slice of Rotterdam with you, we’ve got just the thing.

So, come on in and browse our curated selection. Treat yourself or find the perfect gift for someone special. Because when you shop with us, you’re not just buying a product – you’re taking home a piece of Rotterdam’s vibrant soul. Enjoy!”

Order and payment

To place an order for one of our products, press the order button. Here you will come to a form and you can tick what you want to order and how much. The form will be sent to my email and I will respond within a day. I would prefer to receive the order at least 5 days before your arrival.

I’ll promptly calculate the total amount and send it to you. Payment can be made via IDEAL or PAYPAL. Once the payment is received, I’ll purchase the items, and they’ll be ready for you upon your arrival.

Happy shopping, and I look forward to providing you with a taste of Rotterdam!”

Drop( Liquorice )

“In je muil gauw” - hoe kommie d’rop
€ 4,50

Drop( Liquorice )

“ Opzouten”- Hoe kommie d’rop.
. € 4,50

Drop( Liquorice )

“t zit d’rop “– Hoe kommie d’rop.
€ 4,50


Doorpakkers wingums staverpakking
€ 4,75

Chocolate sprinkles

Rotterdamse hagelslag

€ 5,95

Drop( Liquorice )

Rotterdamse Erasmusdrop

€ 4,50


Maaswater Rotterdam beer gift packaging 3-pack
€ 14,50

Beer and glass

Maaswater Rotterdam beer gift packaging

€ 29,95

Beer glass

Luxury Rotterdam beer glass skyline € 14,50


010 wine from De Rotterdamse Oude (rose)
€ 12,50


Prosecco from De Rotterdamsche Oude

€ 17,50


Rotterdam Champagne Premier Cru
€ 68,95

cutting pan

Rotterdam Cutting Board Map

€ 32,50

cutting pan

Rotterdam Cutting Board Skyline

€ 36,95

Rotterdamse Beauttle

Rotterdamse Beauttle
€ 18,95

Linen bag

“Pleurt ‘t in me tassie”-tassie (special editions)
Also in old pink and black
€ 12,50


Espresso cup

Small cup of coffee Espresso cup
€ 9,95


Cup of Pleur Mug
€ 12,50
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