“Every first of the month, I pen down a blog about our B&B Berglust. Whether you have questions, suggestions, or topics you’d love to read about, your input is always valued and welcomed. Your feedback helps shape our content and ensures that our blog reflects the interests and needs of our wonderful community.

Feel free to reach out with your ideas, musings, or even just to say hello. Together, let’s make each blog post a delightful exploration of our B&B experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing more about our cozy retreat!”


Welcome to B&B Berglust

I am pleased to announce my first blog. It will now be published every last Friday of the month.

We are Lonneke and Duco and we never expected that we would ever buy a house with B&B, but we still became the happy owners of B&B Berglust in juni 2022. 

We completely renovated it and gave it our own taste. The first guests came on July 22nd 2022 and they were immediately very enthusiastic. Personally, I never thought I would like it so much. I like to make people happy, to take care of them and to meet new people.

In addition to my family and activities of the B&B, I give cooking lessons with great pleasure at the Rudolf Steiner College in Rotterdam. In my spare time I like to go out with my family with our camper.

Discover the charm of Rotterdam, at B&B Berglust!

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